Why Should You Meditate?

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Benefits of meditation

For many thousands of years, meditation has been at the forefront of many spiritual and mental practices, with adherents who spoke openly of its positive, life-boosting effects on mental health, spiritual development and even physical wellbeing.

Since the beginning of history, knowledge of meditation has been trickling from the East into the Western mainstream, and in the modern era, it has exploded onto tguhe scene. Seen for years as something relegated to New-Age-types and hippies, meditation is now openly practiced by some of the most successful people on Earth, and is used as a tool in reaching spiritual balance, building physical fitness, ensuring great mental health and promoting success in every aspect of our lives. Glamorous and healthy, meditation is taking off.

At the Modern Mystery School, we are delighted by this new movement. It’s our mission to bring the Light not just to ourselves, but to the whole world – so a new emphasis on spirituality, balance and self-knowledge is music to our ears. The human race is evolving, growing and changing as the world enters a new spiritual age, and the widespread practice of meditation and connection with the self is just one more piece of the puzzle, connecting to raise us up for the new dawn.

In the lineage of King Salomon, which the Modern Mystery School has defended and cherished for over 3000 years, spiritual meditation has always been vitally important, but as the world grows, this fantastic tool for self-empowerment is even being prescribed by doctors and therapists of mainstream Western medicine!

But just why is meditation so beneficial? What does it offer to the average person? And why have so many people seen the results so quickly?

Meditation is Available to Anyone – Anywhere!

One of the reasons that meditation is so often touted by successful people – people who are without a doubt extremely busy – is that it doesn’t take very long to see the effects.

With even five minutes to spare, anyone can practice meditation, and research has shown again and again that even that brief period is enough to see rewards. Increased mindfulness, better control over our emotions, better focus and a clearer head are all seen in those who take the time to regularly meditate, even if that time is five minutes or less, once per day!

We at the Modern Mystery School think that no-one can say they’re too busy for that.

Good Times to Meditate

Since we’ve recommended meditation even in the midst of a hectic schedule, here are some ideas for opportunities to clear your head. Remember, these are just ideas – get creative, and you’d be surprised how your time can be used to better yourself!

Try meditating for a few minutes:

  • On a bus or train, to turn otherwise “dead” time into a beneficial opportunity
  • First thing in the morning – we’re all guilty of wasting time here or there in the morning, but meditating for a few minutes when you get out of bed can really set your day up right
  • Before bed – meditation is often prescribed for those who have trouble sleeping, and it is very effective
  • On a break at work – what better use is there of break time than letting go of stress and worry, focusing your mind and returning to work energised and on-task?

Remember, these are just suggestions to inspire you – the time that you make for meditation is entirely up to you!

The Psychological Effects Can Be Felt Throughout Your Life

The psychological effects of meditation all centre around mindfulness – which describes living fully in the moment. To do a task mindfully is to focus your mental energy on it, and not be distracted by worries or other matters – to simply be, at that moment, in that place.

When we are mindful, time seems more full, and our thoughts and emotions work for us, not the other way around. We have more time to think through each action, and act in a way that is consistent with the sort of person we want to be.

If you have ever wanted to have more discipline, more self-control, to find more joy in life and more power over yourself and the world around you, mindfulness can help to provide that power. Through meditating, we become mindful, and through being mindful, we become our ideal selves!

Meditation has Many Health Benefits

Several official, peer-reviewed medical studies have shown that meditation is able to lower the blood pressure of blood pressure patients, helping them to return to healthy lives faster and live for longer. Other research in medical journals and alternative health publications shows it to be successful in boosting our immune response to disease, and preventing the deterioration of our minds and bodies as we age.

Increased rate of healing, better fitness gains after exercise and reduced fatigue all factor in to the equation where meditation is concerned – and these are just a few of the benefits!

There are Lots of Meditation Systems – Which One Is the Most Effective?

Once you’ve started to look into meditation, it may quickly become apparent that there are hundreds – if not thousands – of disciplines and techniques to be used in meditating. Which ones actually work? Which promote mindfulness and realisation of self, and which make it more difficult?

Luckily, there is already a definitive answer.

When he first began his pilgrimage to all corners of the world, Founder Gudni Gudnason, the founder of the Modern Mystery School and heir to the lineage of King Salomon, learned meditative techniques from spiritual masters in Tibet, India, China, Japan and the Middle East, distilling the techniques that worked and combining them with aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and psychology into a meditation system which crosses boundaries and works much more effectively than the meditation of traditional systems.

Known as the Max Meditation System™, this meditative system will ensure you see the benefits of meditation faster and more strongly in your own life, helping to make you into the person you’ve always wanted to be!

Contact the Modern Mystery School London Today!

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