How Can I Begin Manifesting in My Life?

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Modern Mystery School - Learn to Manifest

Every single person you will ever meet – yourself included – has desires, needs and wants. We have dreams that we long to fulfil, hungers that we long to satiate. While some practitioners of spirituality tell us not to pursue these dreams and desires, and instead practice abstinence, we at the Modern Mystery School understand that our dreams make us human!

Every one of us is entitled to a life of abundance and joy, and every one of us deserves the chance to realise our dreams. That is why we are love to teach our students about manifestation – the art of transforming our dreams into reality.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation turns our desires and needs into physical realities – and, as you might expect, knowledge of manifestation is one of the most sought-after skills in the esoteric world. However, while many lineages claim to be able to pass on knowledge of real, working manifestation techniques, anyone with knowledge of the mysteries can tell that their knowledge is flawed. Only one spiritual modality has survived unbroken for 3,000 years, passed in secret from master to student, since the days of the wisest masters.

That modality is the Lineage of Salomon, carried down to Modern Mystery School Founder Gudni Gudnason in an unbroken, pure descendancy. The knowledge of the Modern Mystery School is centred on bringing Light to the world, helping mankind to ascend to a new phase of spiritual existence, and as part of that work, we share the knowledge of manifesting our needs and desires. It is our belief that every human being deserves to live a life of abundance, opportunity and fulfilment – and learning how to manifest in this reality is key!

Does Manifestation Really Work?

While it may seem incredible, manifestation does work! When we focus our minds, spirits and efforts on achieving a goal, nothing is beyond us – abundance, success and happiness can all be manifested into our lives.

One of the keys to manifestation, as Salomon the Wise taught his students, lies in holding Light within ourselves and following the Four Worlds of Kabbalah. With clean auras, cleansed of impurities and able to hold more Light, we can truly make our dreams a reality. Working through from Idea to Thought, then from Thought to Plan and finally to Action, we create our desire and manifest it into the real world.

Nothing is impossible when we hold Light within ourselves and manifest through the Four Worlds – so why not learn how to realise your ambitions and dreams today? Why not get in contact with the Modern Mystery School on our Contact Page or by calling us on 02071837880 – the expert spiritual teachers and guides there will be happy to help you find the answers you seek!

What Kinds of Things Can Manifestation Be Used For?

“Manifestation” as we know it can cover a huge range of things – it really is a way to bring our desires into the world. Many people use the techniques of manifestation to realise abundance for themselves and those they love, using the ancient techniques to bring forth a better job, good fortune and success.

Others use manifestation to find love, support and connection, bringing truly beneficial and wonderful people into their lives and creating friendships and relationships that bring light into the world.

When we manifest our needs and desires into the world – whether we are creating abundance, seeking spiritual answers or bringing good people together – we hold Light within ourselves, and act using that Light. Manifestation is a way to remind ourselves of our spark, our ability to create and connect with our inner divinity: simply put, it’s a way to bring more Light into the world!

How Can I Manifest My Desires?

At the Modern Mystery School, we pass down the lineage of King Salomon the Wise, the greatest spiritual teacher and ruler the ancient world ever had. In his lifetime, Salomon created many of the modalities which help us to understand our lives and the universe in which we live; and he also discovered the secret of manifestation.

This secret was passed down to his students, who guarded it for 3000 years: now, they pass it down to you. To learn how to manifest your desires in the real world is no mean feat – many have tried throughout the years, but only the students of Salomon’s lineage in the Modern Mystery School have succeeded. Aura repair – a service which cleanses the aura of impurities, removes negativity and brings about peace – is first used to enhance our ability to hold Light within ourselves. This increase in Light not only empowers us to manifest our desires, but ensures that the manifestation will be a force for good in the world, and improve the lives of those around us.

With pure, cleansed auras, infused with Light, we can now walk along the Four Worlds, taught by the Universal Kabbalah. These Four Worlds are Idea, Thought, Plan and Action, and by spending time within each one, paying it the respect which it is due, then progressing to the next, we are able to construct our desire in full, in this reality. It is brought from the idea, within our minds, all the way out to the world.

Many schools may lay claim to the power of manifestation, but only the Lineage of Salomon has the provable history and pedigree to demonstrate real knowledge of the secrets. Manifestation is an incredible gift, and one which brings Light and abundance into the world, so to learn more, get in touch with us – our contact details are below!

Contact The Modern Mystery School Today for More Information on Manifesting in Your Life!

If you want to learn more about how to manifest your desires, dreams and needs in this world, you can get in touch with the experts at the Modern Mystery School today on 02071837880 or by visiting the Contact Page of the site, which includes a direct contact form.

The teachers and guides at the Modern Mystery School have dedicated their lives to bringing Light to the world, so they will be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide any advice which you may need. They will also be happy to organise any classes or services which you wish to attend, such as the Aura Repair or Universal Kabbalah lessons which are invaluable to learning how to manifest!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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