Finding the Wonder in Our Lives

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Modern Mystery School Finding Joy

Do you sometimes feel like your day-to-day life is a grind? Does it seem like you are only happy when you get home from work, or that you live for the weekend?

You aren’t alone – a huge proportion of adults say that they don’t find joy and fulfilment in daily life, and that they want more excitement and more variation in their lives. What they don’t realise, however, is that the lives they have already possess the potential for joy, wonder and fulfilment, if only they were able to see it!

At the Modern Mystery School, we believe that life should be fun, and that everyone should be able to enjoy their time on Earth, living their lives to the full and rejoicing in every moment, no matter how normal it may seem. There are ways to inject a little joy into the ordinary, and ways to make even the most mundane of tasks into something that provides meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment.

You don’t have to wait – you can get started right now! A few things you can try if you want to add a little happiness to your day include:

Don’t Look at Life as a Stagnant Thing

The main reason why people find unhappiness in their routine is that they feel that everything is stagnant – the same tasks, the same routine, the same job, in the same places. They don’t see that life is always changing – and you have the power to change it! Look inside, and see what needs to change for you to feel more fulfilled and stimulated by your everyday life. If you can’t change something, then look for the joy in it – there are more ways to do so than you might think.

Ways to Find Joy in the Mundane

Have you noticed that in many monasteries and sacred traditions, there is an emphasis on simple, mundane, routine tasks like gardening, cleaning and copying books? Or that people who “go back to basics” and simplify their lives down to mundane activities are often the happiest?

This is because there is a huge amount of comfort, joy and fulfilment to be had in the everyday – and once you have the mindset for it, there are few greater pleasures.

Don’t Wait for Happiness – It’s Something You Can Attain Right Now!

We all have dreams for our future, and ideas about what will change and what we will accomplish, which will make us happy when it happens. However, we sometimes don’t notice that the opportunity to be happy is right in front of us – we simply need to choose it! Find what makes you happy in the now, and realise that joy is something that we can experience now.

Remember Where You Came From

One of my favourite activities when I find myself weighed down by routine, is to remember my younger years, when I looked ahead with longing at the simple things which I now take for granted. Your younger self may have romanticised the ordinary things that would one day be in your life, but it was for good reason – your younger self knew that there is much to appreciate here, and it is important to remember that you once dreamed of just this!

Surround Yourself With Those Who Love You

Without a doubt, one of the most important things affecting our satisfaction in life is the people we surround ourselves with. No man is an island; we all have people who we rely on and who support us. When we surround ourselves with these people, and work to build better relationships with them, our support network grows and becomes more a part of our lives. The day-to-day doesn’t seem so boring when you have a great group of people around you.

Take Care of Yourself

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be easy to neglect yourself – perhaps thinking that you’ll get around to it later, that self-care is the first thing to be axed when you need to save time. You shouldn’t!

The way we feel and the way we see ourselves is a vital component of our happiness on a day-to-day basis. Imagine doing a mundane task – say, laundry – tired, hungry and in shabby clothes, versus doing the same task after a healthy breakfast, clean, well-rested and feeling like you look good. The difference is staggering!

Make Joy a State of Mind

Milton said that “the mind is its own place; and of itself, can make a hell of Heaven, a heaven of Hell.”

It’s dramatic, but it has truth in it – we have the power to choose how we see the world, and we can make joy a state of mind. When you wake, think of the reasons you have to be happy. Meditate and call Light into your life, where its positive energy can infuse you and help you live joyfully in the moment. Our mindset influences every part of our world, so why not strive for a mindset that brings joy and harmony?

Meditate and Be Mindful

I mentioned meditation above: that’s because when it comes to living joyfully, the ability to be mindful is a powerful one indeed! Meditation gives us time to declutter, time to re-centre ourselves and eliminate negative thoughts and thought patterns.

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CEO of Modern Mystery School Europe, Certified Guide, Life Activation Practitioner, and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon and Master Teacher in the Lineage of King Salomon

Martina Coogan is an International Teacher and Master Healer. With over 20 years of experience, she has served individuals all over the globe, guiding them to awaken their divine potential. She assists in transforming your life to become the best version of yourself.

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